Former professional dancer Jim Keith has been in the business of dance and choreography talent representation for more than 10 years. In his current role as Partner and President at the Movement Talent Agency, Jim has been extremely influential in the career development of some of the most sought-after film, television and stage choreographers and dancers in the world. Jim started his career as a dance agent at DDO Artist Agency back in 2003 and was promoted in 2005 to Director of the dance and choreography divisions there. Under his direction, the agency opened three additional branch offices in under three years (Miami, Las Vegas and Nashville) extending the arm of commercial dance representation respectively to those regions. In late 2006 he was asked to serve on the advisory board of Dance Spirit Magazine and has since been featured in several articles whose topics have ranged from dance employment to dance education and training. These articles have also lead to him being featured in several additional national magazines and websites and currently, you can catch him on and Youtube where his video lectures on dance employment and “agent-client-relations” have been featured and viewed by thousands of dancers worldwide.