Application Due Date: April 14, 2019

The fund will help up and coming choreographers to develop their own creative expression,
by giving them a budget to create their new work on digital content.


– Applicants/Choreographer/s must be 18 years of age or older
– There can be no more than 2 Applicants/Choreographers for one submission
– Applicants must live in North America (the United States, Canada and Mexico)
– Applicants must have at least 4 years prior dance training
– Applicants must have choreographed for stage or on video

Applicants must include: 
1) Applicants full contact information, email, cell number, website, FB, & IG names
2) Applicants must submit a Video of at least 45 seconds of the work they wish to develop into fruition. It can be a solo by the choreographer/s and can be without music
3) The Video must be of consecutive original choreography (reels do NOT help the panel evaluate your work) and be submitted via Dropbox, YouTube or Vimeo links
4) Applicants must submit a short personal explanation of what the work means to them, the title, description of the piece, number of dancers to be used and choice of music

Selection process:
– A panel of 4-name choreographers will lead the selection process
– The panel will decide based on the artistry and innovation of the choreographer/s work
– The panel will select the choreographer/s of high artistry and choreographic vision
– Two (2) finalists will be chosen and interviewed in person or on Skype
– One choreographer/s (of the same submission) will be selected
– The announcement of the winner/s will be May 1, 2019
– If for some reason the winner/s are unable to complete the process, the runner-up will be given the opportunity to take their place

Project Description/Responsibility:
– Choreographer/s is to present a piece of no more than 3 minutes
– The piece must be filmed and edited and finished by July 1, 2019

Selected Choreographer/s will receive the following:
– A budget to hire dancers and pay for rehearsal space
– A budget to secure a location/s, film and edit their project together
– Screen the piece at the WCA 2019 show
– Will be flown to Los Angeles with accommodations to attend the WCA 2019 show

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